I Wrote Down My World for You.


Trying to learn how to navigate this world with grace and grow older with style.

Surprise family weekend spent hiking around Letchworth State Park & basking in a perfect autumn day. #letchstate #picstitch (at Letchworth State Park, Inspiration Point)

Impossibly content.

Dinner date with my boy, curling up in his bed to watch Avatar after, listening to the sounds of his house getting ready for the weekend & walking home in the early autumn rustle & sigh to my own bed; the promise of a good sleep tonight; the promise of another handclasped evening tomorrow; the smiles that do not ghost away.


Moleskine Cahier Leather Cover (by craftnlore)


Moleskine Cahier Leather Cover (by craftnlore)

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Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, German artist.

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Street Art byDavid Zinn

This is the most precious thing I’ve seen all week.

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“Lord Byron, no”

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